Technical Solutions For The 21st Century

Information Technology

Networking The World

Network Administration

At the core of your technical infrastructure is the administration of your network. Saturn 7 are experts at designing, creating and managing your network for maximum stability and efficacy.

Computer Systems Analysis

From Thin Clients to Custom Servers, Saturn 7 designs and builds custom machines to your company’s needs and specifications. Workstations that are effortless to interface  increase employee productivity.

Data Backup & Recovery

In the modern age of business it is no longer acceptable to lose data. The proper storage, redundancy and accessibility of your company most valuable resource is integral to a successful operation.

Web Hosting

Your company requires space on the web. Both your presence on the Internet and your company’s internal Intranet can take advantage of Saturn 7’s extensive experience in facilitating and maintaining your dedicated hosting needs.

Software Integration

With everything in place you need software that serves the needs of your business and clients. Saturn 7 can help you install Customer Relations Management (CRM), Collaboration, and Accounting Software to keep your business operating at maximum potential.


If you are moving into a new space or remodeling an existing space, Saturn 7 can ensure that your structured wiring is of the highest quality and successfully tests national standards for data transmission.

Unified Communications

Bringing It All Together

Business E-Mail

An absolutely essential element of contemporary business communication, Enterprise level E-mail servers providing multiple accounts for every department of your company in conjunction with secure access via a robust Web Mail Client, are provided by Saturn 7 in all business designs.

Business Telecom

Your office phone system is the hub of your operation. Saturn 7 can design, install and program both PBX and VOIP Business telecom systems with expansion in mind. Accessible remotely, and easy to engage, our voice mail systems feature high reliability keeping you in contact with essential personnel and clients.

Surveillance Systems

Keeping an eye on your business property and daily operations with 24 hour motion detected surveillance systems is a good idea for many reasons.  Saturn 7 will install an automated IP Camera system accessible remotely that supports several to several hundred units dependent upon your requirements. Time stamp recording and archiving all activity for your protection.

Conference Rooms

Not just the table and chairs of yesterday, the contemporary conference room is a technology rich environment providing your business with connections to your company’s media and personnel both locally and abroad via flat panel displays, conference phones, and projection hardware.

Live Chat & Ticket Support Systems

Offering your clients the 24 hour support they expect today is crucial to your customer satisfaction. The modern user expects instant interaction with your support team to get the solutions they seek in a timely and convenient fashion. Saturn 7 integrates the top versions of these interfaces into your business architecture providing your customers with services they deserve.


Multi Device Support

Having unified communications would not be possible without ubiquitous support across all devices utilized within your company architecture. Easy and expedient access to the included systems starts at the design stage and can affect your choices in hardware. Saturn 7 will direct you through the correct decisions to facilitate a truly mobile communications system for your enterprise.